4 Things That Should Happen During a Home Alarm Installation Process


If you recently purchased a home alarm, when the home alarm installer comes out to your home, there are certain things that should happen and take place during the installation process. Here are five things that should happen:

#1 Alarm Sensors Installed and Tested

One of the biggest things that will happen is the installer will place all of the alarm sensors throughout your home. This includes sensors on the windows and doors. Depending on the type of package that you signed up for, this may also include sensors on your garage door, fire alarms, and carbon monoxide monitors.

Once all of the sensors and the central control panels are installed, they should be tested to ensure that each and every sensor and device is working properly. This is what will take up the bulk of the installer's time.

#2 Provide You with Identification Numbers

The installer should provide you with a customer identification number if you have not already been provided with one. They should also provide you with your code that you have to provide to the Monitoring Central Station for security verification purposes. Finally, the installer should help you select a unique code for your alarm system that you will use for the purpose of alarming and disarming the system.

#3 Provide Contact Information

You should also be provided with all the necessary contact information you will need in an emergency. This includes the number for the nearest central monitoring station, the alarm installation company branch, as well as the number for local authorities.

#4 Training on Using the System

Finally, you should receive training on how to use your new security system. The installer should show you how the system works. You should then be shown how to arm and disarm the system. Your installer should have you practice arming and disarming the system until you are comfortable with the process.

After that, the installer should teach you the nuances of the system. For example, if you want to turn on the alarm but keep a window open. The installer will show you how to leave windows open and still arm your alarm. The installer should show you how to work the different ins and out of your system so that you know how to use the system, not just turn it on and off.

Your security alarm installer should not only set up your system. They should train you on how to use the system and make sure that you fully understand how to use the system before they leave. If you have any questions about how to use your system, don't hesitate to ask the installer who is setting up your alarm. It is their job to make sure that you fully understand how to use your alarm system. Consult different alarm companies to see which offers you the security features you most desire for you home.


18 May 2018

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