Keys For Your Data Center Move

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By now, you probably understand the importance to have IT infrastructure that lets your business communicate with the outside world, network properly and house your data. However, when you are expanding your business and branching out, you may need to look into a data center move that will keep your infrastructure intact and allow you to hit the ground running in your new location with no problem. If this is something that you are interested in, there are a lot of data center move companies that can handle any sort of relocation that you have. You can get started by thinking about the points illustrated below and hiring the help of a data relocation expert that can assist you.

Plan out your data relocation to the best of your ability

When you are thinking about going through a data relocation, it all starts with taking an honest look at your business. You will inevitably have to shut down for a little while, but this can be minimized with proper planning. Plan your data relocation far in advance so that you are able to take time off during your move. You should work side-by-side with the data relocation company in order to get a clear idea of their methodology and how they can minimize downtime during the move. Make sure that your customers are aware and that you take every internal step to have this move go through smoothly.

Find a data relocation company that has great prices

As you look to hire a company for a data center relocation, it's important to get a clear idea of what kind of relocations they have done before. Ask about the types of businesses and the size of the moves that they have handled. You should also get a price estimate on your own data relocation. Getting this relocation work might cost you about $120,000 or so, which also breaks down into $10,000 for each data rack.

Always insure your data relocation

Finally, you will need to get some insurance on whatever data center move you are planning. By choosing the right company, you might also be able to get one of these insurance plans in-house. When you have a credible insurance policy for your data relocation, it will be much easier for your move to go smoothly, while getting compensation to help with any setbacks that happened during the data relocation.

When you go about this strategy as explained above, your data center move should be smooth sailing. 


3 March 2018

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