It's In The Cloud! How To Wrap Your Head Around Your Cloud-Based Data Center


The concept of the Cloud is still one which boggles the mind. Here you have this internet-based virtual world with nothing intangible, and somehow, everything sent into it fits. When you have been approached by an internet service provider with an offer of a Cloud-based data center, you might feel as though your head will explode. Here is how you can wrap your head around this concept and make a decision for your company or business.

Think, "Offsite Storage"

If it helps, think of the Cloud as "offsite storage." That is essentially what it is. Everything in the Cloud is not "here," but "there." If you buy into offsite data center storage, you are buying storage in a data center tower that is located somewhere else in the city. It is the same with the Cloud-based data center, except that it has no physical tower to touch.

Virtual Drawers

Those of you who are old enough to remember when libraries had card catalogs will remember drawers and drawers of cards listing information on every book and published media type in the library. You would have to go into a drawer to look for the title of a book or magazine, write down the location and the Dewey decimal number, and then go look for it in the section of the library mentioned.

In the Cloud, there are lots of these "drawers." They are all virtual, but everything stored in each drawer has its own number, location, and designation number. When you want to pull something out of the Cloud, you search your "drawer," and pluck out the information. Your computer "reads" that information for you, and either take you to what you want or downloads it from the Cloud for you.

Benefits of the Cloud Data Center

The Cloud based data center is able to hold millions of bytes of information. It can also hold information from thousands of companies, and no hacker can get into your virtual drawer without all of the necessary information. No bugs, computer viruses, worms, or Trojan horses can be sent into the Cloud data center to ruin and destroy what is there. Everything is safe and protected. This is very helpful, especially if your computers are hacked and you are dealing with some major security or computer health issues. When your computer systems are righted and the hacker is blocked, you can reboot your systems using what you have stored in your Cloud-based data center.


3 March 2018

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