Choosing A Fast Steering Mirror Over A Galvanometer

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Many of the high-tech gadgets we rely on today feature pointing and tracking systems. These systems created a concentrated laser beam that helps guide long-range laser communications, telescopic applications, and line-of-sight stabilization systems. In order for these systems to work, a mechanism for enabling angular corrections must be in place.

Two major mechanisms are available on the market today, the fast steering mirror (FSM) and the galvanometer. An FSM from a company like nPoint can provide you with unique benefits that will improve the quality of your pointing and tracking systems.

1. An FSM is compact.

Space is often at a premium when designing high-tech gadgets. In order to ensure that you are able to fit a quality pointing and tracking system into your finished product, it can be beneficial to utilize an FSM.

Galvanometers can be bulky and take up a lot of space. In contrast, an FSM features a compact design that can integrate seamlessly into smaller devices. If you are looking to streamline the look of your products, then consider making the switch to an FSM for your pointing and tracking system.

2. An FSM features a flexure suspension design.

A mirror within your pointing and tracking system must be able to remain firmly in place in order to properly correct angular light refraction.

In a galvanometer, the mirror is held in place by a series of bearings. These bearings can begin to wear out over time, leaving the mirror vulnerable to shifting movements that could compromise the function of your pointing and tracking system.

Opting to install an FSM instead allows you to take advantage of the flexure suspension design of the FSM to constrain the mirror's movements. This design doesn't rely on bearings or brackets and will remain stable throughout the life of the pointing and tracking system.

3. An FSM can eliminate distortion.

Managing distortion is critical when it comes to the performance of your pointing and tracing systems. Distortion of any kind could cause your concentrated laser beams to become inaccurate. An FSM can provide superior optical performance that will improve the quality of your pointing and tracking systems.

An FSM has a larger aperture than a galvanometer, which allows the FSM to eliminate wave distortion and displacement jitter. Using an FSM also gives you the ability to utilize a larger selection of mirrors and coatings, allowing for the specialization of each pointing and tracking system included in your finished devices.


16 February 2018

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